Thursday, September 26, 2019

Different Aspects of Starting OASOGB Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Different Aspects of Starting OASOGB - Essay Example Further, in relation to marketing efforts, the virtual competitive environment does play a significant role in determining how successful Old American can actually be on the Internet website. After careful analysis of pricing, delivery policies, and marketing efforts of competition, OASOGB has determined that our current marketing strategy, using various promotional incentives, far exceeds the advertising capabilities of our competitors. Also highly beneficial to Old American is the socio-cultural environment both locally and across the whole of the United States. Research indicates that modern consumerism, such as the value placed on material goods in America, continues to escalate year after year (Boone & Kurtz, 2006). In a culture in which gift-giving and the exchange of tangible gratitudes is a common element of lifestyle, simply by the nature of the companys products the business is catering to the social demand for luxury items and gift presentation. Further, there is a growing demand in the United States for ethical and socially responsible business behaviors, with consumers and advocacy groups alike continuously applying pressure to large-scale businesses to be more ethical. As previously discussed in other business reports, Old American continuously gives back to the community through charitable activities, thus satisfying the consumer demand for ethics and delighting them because of our responsible busines s behaviors. Though the technological environment directly impacts our success, as OASOGB continues to monitor and incorporate more streamlined distribution methods to lower our delivery costs, there is not a substantial influence in connecting technology with that of Old American success. At the same time, the political environment in America is one which applauds the creation of profitable businesses, causing little to no conflict with how the company continues to

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