Thursday, July 25, 2019

Project management Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Project management - Coursework Example That is, business would go on as usual without interruption. Renovating such an old building considering the extent of the damage while at the same time worrying about the safety of millions of passengers passing by, posed a great challenge (Badiru 2009, pp. 71-78) Second, it was challenging to install sustainable resource utilization systems like new water systems considering that the building was constructed using old and outdated materials. Third, the project’s size and scale made it difficult to manage the suppliers effectively due to communication breakdown. The project had more than dozen employees and 11 suppliers reporting to the project manager. As a result, effective communication was compromised. Fourth, it was challenging to replace the network system in the terminal since the systems currently used by the passengers and flight systems would be shut down during the process. As mentioned the renovation was to take place without interrupting the usual activities. The network system replacement process was also a challenge (Larson, Gray, Danlin, Honig & Bacarini 2013, pp. 77-100). Despite the above mentioned and other challenges, strategies were formulated to ensure effective utilization of resources. The strategies comprise of the following: first, the project manager was strict on gauging the performance of different stakeholders with the standards set by BAA Airport Ltd. The strategy enhanced the performance of the suppliers, workers, and the contractor. Second, even though it was impossible to overhaul the water system, the contractors were able to replace lights and heaters with those that economically consume electricity. Third, the network system was improved without disrupting the usual activities at the terminal by use of â€Å"Online change control† software built by IT specialists. The strategies facilitated the delivery of project

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