Sunday, July 28, 2019

The contribution of partnerships in the promotion of global health Essay

The contribution of partnerships in the promotion of global health equality - Essay Example 3). This paper is therefore geared to discuss how partnerships have impacted global health equality by analysing the effective constituents of the partnerships and key strategic and policy drivers. In order for partnerships the health sector to work, there must be development of policies and strategies which govern most of their aspects. These policies are crafted for adoption at all levels of the organization and integrated within the strategic goals. When two partners come into an agreement or understanding, their cooperation of working together should be under the auspice of common goals and objectives. Alignment of goals and vision also requires have employees that have similar set of skills in order to address their common objectives. All these agreements between partners in partnerships should be carefully delineated under the strategies and policies that guide the working of healthcare organizations (Labontà © and Gagnon 2010, p. 8). Like in all organizations and companies that work within the public sphere, leadership and governance is an important aspect of partnerships. In matters pertaining to health equality strategies, there should be governance and leadership structures which enable accountability to be entrenched leading to compliance. Governance in this case alludes to the agreed modalities of decision making and sharing of authority or power is to be configured and organized. This should not only be left to the low levels of employees but also at the top so that concerns of health equality may be integrated within policies. This ensures that effective performance and management of activities within the health care system are streamlined and implemented easily. Both governance and leadership structures put in place should have the capabilities of mobilizing resources and stakeholders at the grass root levels. Such

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