Saturday, June 8, 2019

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 9

Assignment ExampleCommunity health care can be defined as the overall healthcare provision service that is formulated to deliver health care services to the homesteads. It is a decentralized avenue of winning the services to the lowest level of households. It ensures healthcare services accessibility to the marginalized, coronary illness victims and generally reaches to the disadvantaged at the ground level. It is designed to help good deal live as independent as possible within the confines of their homes and communities. The trends of interconnectedness in global practices have led to sharing of positive effect as well as negative effects as regards to the various health care systems. On the positives, globalization has led to the informal spread of affirmative healthcare practices at all the care systems from one country to another. However, infectious diseases are easily spread within the era of globalization through easy travelling from one place to another. In my own opini on, improvements in the health care systems notable within the US can be attributed highly to globalization. This is because in that respect is easy movement in technology and improvements. However, globalization has also adversely affected the health sector in that there is a high station of new infections due to easy movement. Health care teams have noted effects on the ever increasing numbers of immigrant nurses. Despite the great pick up for nursing services within many countries, the mass movement of nurses towards the other countries especially the developed countries has been disturbing. Much of the concern is due to the increased competition which in turn leads to strain in resources within the perplexity teams in catering to the rising costs to maintain these immigrants. Moreover, the management teams may find it hard to in effect handling the ever-growing number of these immigrants. Though cultural diversity may be interpreted in different perspective, the challenges t hat accompany it are widely spoken of. Majorly, management practices vary due to the reasons of the varying cultural practices as well as believe. Moreover, interpersonal relations may be affected by the cultural lineages. organizational management as well as better communication strategies is among other effective strategies that the nurse leaders within culturally diverse working group may use to ascertain potential in their roles (Contino, 2004, 1-2 of 11). Through proper organization, the diversity in cultural orientation would be positively interpreted for the interest of productivity. Moreover, efficiency in communication would bring cohesion within the nursing fraternity and hence victor in management. As a nurse, the future success in the profession requires certain professional as well as personal attributes through which the effectiveness of a nurse is analyzed. Nursing is a profession and as many other professional careers are, they are guided by set value, ethics a nd regulations for work. Moreover, personal attributes are very basic for the personal effectiveness as a nurse. Among the strengths that would drive me towards realizing competency in the field of nursing are the basic professional values which are globally biding. Nevertheless, some of these values and traits are human developed and as such requires personal efforts to cultivate. The self attributes of compassion, empathy, self awareness, selflessness as well as knowledge-ability equally befits me for a no-hit nursing career in the future. Image

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