Sunday, June 9, 2019

Organisational Approaches Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Organisational Approaches - Essay ExampleHence, one effective method of capitalizing on opportunities to build strong relationships with a more ethically-focused consumer is utilizing digital platforms to build conference and booking about the firms efforts to be a superior company in terms of environmental responsibility. Placing online videos on a firms website, utilize social media platforms, blogs and other relevant web content allow organizations to speak directly with their desired target segments which have changed the face of public relations dramatically (Scott 2013). Through digital platforms, companies can build virtual communities with common interests and enthusiasm toward a particular cause or environmental concern that allows the business to require more integrated as a member or leader of these ethical considerations influencing consumption. Marketing research indicates that when a company or its brands maintain characteristics or values that are congruent to the consumer self, it creates much more potent and positive emotional connections to the brand which underpin the construction of consumer loyalty. To illustrate, one organization constructed a website to hap attention to alleged or known unethical behaviors related to the poor environmental policy of Royal Dutch Shell. This site allows for users to engage in discourse about Shells environmental issues, including blogging from previous Shell employees, which enticed more attention by regulators to control unethical environmental policy at this vegetable oil and gas leader (Hotten 2009).

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