Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Teaching recovery heart and soul Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Teaching retrieval heart and soul - Thesis Exampleab employ may provide a feeling of temporary relief from their emotional problems but this always results in bigger problems for the affected individuals(33).In addition, individuals undergoing recovery may occasionally be confront with the challenge of how to deal with their feelings and emotions. With regard to its definition, heart and soul approach as a recovery strategy refers to the incorporation of spirituality and mindfulness as a therapeutic tool to enhance the recovery of drug addicts. On the other hand, spirituality can be defined as any practice that modify an individual to discover his or her being while mindfulness is all about purposeful paying of attention to the present moment in stray to enhance self awareness. According to educator Parker, J. Palmer (2003), spirituality is an individuals eternal yearning to connect to a higher power.A number of authors (George DuWors, 2011, Galanter, 2007 and Avants, S. Kelly, 20 11) guard also defined spirituality as the belief in a higher purpose and meaning of life. Generally, the use of spirituality in the addiction recovery process is quite distinguished from religious based sectarian practices and other theistic connotations. Davis (2010) argued that the use of spirituality and mindfulness therapy in the recovery process of disposed adolescents and youthful students generally focuses on the spiritual side of addiction recovery by cultivating a belief in a higher being than superstars self to improve their emotional sobriety (104). The two interrelated concepts are critically important pillars of the current holistic therapeutic approach used in drug recovery process. For example, spirituality and mindfulness is increasingly becoming one of the most commonly used therapeutic options in the addiction recovery process of adolescents as a complement to the mainstream approaches.The increasing use of spirituality and mindfulness in the contemporary Weste rn psychotherapy is particularly attributed to a

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