Saturday, June 15, 2019

Entrepreneurship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Entrepreneurship - Essay ExampleNevertheless, over the past ten years, health vex perseverance has experienced tremendous growth which has promoted and created an environment for entrepreneurship to choke in the industry (Christopher & Kaur, 2011). The entire health business organization field has therefore been affected by entrepreneurship both in positive and controvert ways. The level of health c atomic number 18 delivered in healthcare organizations have been affected by entrepreneurship in the field. New creative and innovative thoughts have been formulated in the health care industry as a result of entrepreneurial activities. On the other hand freedom of choice plus intellection freedom for both physicians and patients have been greatly hampered with due to entrepreneurship. The main focus of this paper is to describe the manner in which entrepreneurship has affected health care in the organization. It also address the positive and negative ways that entrepreneurship has af fected the health care field including an example of a current entrepreneurial business and how it has affected the way staff do their jobs or the way patients receive services. Ways in which entrepreneurship has affected health care The process of entrepreneurship has greatly affected and influenced the level of health care delivered in healthcare organizations. ... This therefore means that generally, entrepreneurship has positively affected health care field. Entrepreneurial activities have also created networks of access, social relationships and given both patients and physicians good experience in the field (Christopher & Kaur, 2011). A great transformational change in health care industry has been experienced as a result of entrepreneurship. Reduced costs of surgical process have been experienced in health care industry as a result of entrepreneurship. This is due to new arrivals of entrepreneurs in the field who takes over the securities industry thus creates competition w hile eliminating inefficiencies such as high costs and poor services (Christopher & Kaur, 2011). Entrepreneurship has made it possible for people to shop for healthcare in the United States and other developed nations across the world. Entrepreneurs have offered consumers with information regarding medical conditions, insurance options and drug information. This information has made it easy for patients across the world to prescribe and arrange for medication in advance. Positive and Negative Ways that Entrepreneurship has affected the health care field Positive Entrepreneurship has created more opportunities in health care rather than exploitation. This is as a result of innovation which has done away with inefficiencies in the field of healthcare. Entrepreneurship has also lead to creation of more opportunities and enabled mobilization of resources (Christopher & Kaur, 2011). Entrepreneurs are people who visualized patterns thus end up creating more opportunities beyond human tho ughts. Cultural and behavioral patterns have been created by physicians while investing in them. This has created more opportunities in health care industry that no one

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